DPS Services


The group purchasing organisation

  • Best Purchasing conditions;
  • Saving time and money through collective purchasing;
  • Optimization cooperation with suppliers;
  • Efficient production process through smart logistics;
  • Total insight into your expenses by means of data analysis;
  • Sharing knowledge and contacts.

Facts offer the best negotiating position


DPS Services helps companies increase their profits, reduce costs and save time through a more efficient purchasing and logistics process. We take care of your work in an expert manner, guaranteeing cost and time benefits.


DPS Services guarantees its suppliers volume, increased market share and provides a platform for product development and innovation. In addition, DPS Services offers its suppliers a loyal customer base since no participants have withdrawn since 2002.


About DPS Services

DPS Services originated from the NiCW, in which 10 infrastructure builders achieved substantial cost benefits through joint purchasing. In the meantime, DPS Services includes purchasing combinations for a variety of industries. The group buys over € 100 million a year and we save our participants - including many medium sized and family businesses - tens of millions thanks to sharp framework agreements and creative project purchases. This is possible because our experienced and expert buyers use the collective purchasing data of all our participants. Optimum insight into purchasing volumes and product specifications provides the best possible negotiating position of which each individual participant can benefit.


Data analysis

In the communication between organizations and suppliers, large amounts of data are being processed. DPS Services recognizes the potential and strategic importance of this information and developed in cooperation with DPS Data Intelligence an indispensable tool in the procurement process. DPS Services helps participants to make decisions based on knowledge gained from facts.